Marcy Street Meeting House
aka South Ward Meetinghouse
aka Children's Museum (former)

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Marcy Street Meeting House seen from New Castle Ave

"Ye Old Meeting House" named in the Pickering grant was a sawn log structure built in 1659 on the other side of the South Mill Dam, near the present corner of South Street and Marcy Street. It was evidently also called the Mill-Dam Meeting House. It was home to the original Portsmouth congregation, but by the time of the 1731 move, a substantial portion of the congregation had split off and established a new church in what his now the downtown and which became known as North Church. It still is.

The building served its intended purposes as school, polling place, and multi-purpose assembly hall well into the 20th century. Students used the school until at least 1915. You can still see the blackboards and chalk ledge. Religious use started early, with the "City Missionary" holding Sunday services and another group holding Friday evening services. The ward hall was used for the military draft in both world wars.

After periods of ownership by Strawbery Banke and the Children's Museum, it was returned to the City. In June 2009, the City Council started work on repairs. That is still continuing.

Photo 265, March 2012

Marcy Street Meeting House

Photo 266, March 2012

Marcy St Meeting House from New Castle Ave

Photo 33, April 2012

Marcy St Meeting House aka Children's Museum of Portsmouth

Photo 28, May 2002

Marcy St Meeting House aka Children's Museum of Portsmouth

Photo 29, May 2002

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