Recital on 29 Jun 1975

Mass celebrated at the cathedral by Cardinal Krol To celebrate the Feast of Saints Peter and Paul and to mark the tenth anniversary of the Cathedral Collegiate Choir on 29 Jun 1965
Cathedral-Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul
Peter LaManna, Director of Music
The Cathedral-Basilica Collegiate Choir
Robert Russell, Organist

Mass for the Feast of Saints Peter and Paul
Track 1: (5.54) Organ: Prelude

Track 2: (5.59) Chorus: Behold I Build an House, Lucas Foss
Track 3: (2.17) Chorus: unknown
Track 4: (7.30) Chant: Magnificat by Flor Peeters
Track 5: (0.35) Chant: Veni Creator (Gregorian Chant)
Track 6: (1.06) Chorus: unknown
Track 7: (4.47) Chorus: Ecce Sacerdos, Anton Bruckner
Track 8: (0.57) Prayers: Greeting and Penitential Rite
Track 9: (3.08) Chorus: Kyrie from Missa Brevis, Palestrina
Track 10: (3.18) Chorus: Gloria from Missa Brevis, Palestrina
Track 11: (0.49) Prayer of the Day
Track 12: (2.30) First Scripture Reading
Track 13: (2.29) Chorus: Sicut Cervus, Palestrina
Track 14: (0.15) Prayer over the Gifts
Track 15: (2.25) Eucharistic Prayer: The Preface
Track 16: (4.15) Chorus: Sanctus from Missa Brevis, Palestrina
Track 17: (1.41) Continuation of the Eucharistic Prayer
Track 18: (2.08) Chorus: Agnus Dei from Missa Brevis, Palestrina
Track 19: (5.22) Organ interlude: Improvisation
Track 20: (2.52) Chorus: Ave Verum, des Pres
Track 21: (3.20) Chorus: Locus Iste, Anton Bruckner
Track 22: (2.43) Prayer after Communion
Track 23: (0.50) Tu Es Petrus, (Gregorian Chant), plainsong
Track 24: (3.31) Tu Es Petrus, motet, Palestrina

Track 25: (3.18) Organ Postlude: Toccata in B minor by Gigout

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Technical information:
Recorded by Robert Russell on reel-reel tape
Digital conversion by Audio of Santa Rosa CA