Wedding of Jane Russell and Gerald Hornick

Presentation BVM Church
100 Old Soldiers Road
Cheltenham, PA 19012

Celebrant: Father John J. Foster
Cantor: Dr. Peter LaManna    More info
Organist: Robert Russell
Groom: Gerald Hornick
Bride: Jane M Russell
27 Jan 1973
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(Version: 25 Feb 2015)

Track 1 (3.21) Organ: Aria by Flor Peeters
Track 2 (3.19) Organ: Es ist ein Ros entsprungen, Johannes Brahms
Track 3 (4.09) Organ: Variations on a French Noel “Joseph est Bien Marié” by Claude Balbastre
Track 4 (0.21) Organ: Trumpet Tune from “The Indian Queen” by Purcell
Track 5 (2.05) Organ: The Prince of Denmark’s March by Jeremiah Clarke †
Track 6 (0.45) Organ and Cantor: The hymn “Old Hundredth”
Track 9 (0.59) Cantor: Give me your ...
Track 11 (0.34) Cantor: Hallelujah
Track 18 (1.31) Organ and Cantor
Track 20 (1.45) Organ and Cantor: Panis Angelicus, traditional
Track 22 (2.22) Organ and Cantor
Track 24 (3.12) Organ and Cantor: Ave Maria, Schubert
Track 26 (4.46) Organ postlude: Trumpet Tune in D by Purcell
Track 27 (5.21) Organ recessional: Toccata from the Fifth Organ Symphony in F, Op 42 #1, Charles-Marie Widor    More info

† formerly attributed to Henry Purcell with the title of “Trumpet Voluntary”

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Technical information:
Recorded by Robert Russell on reel-reel tape
Digital conversion by Audio of Santa Rosa CA