Christmas Concert 5 Jan 1964

St. Francis De Sales Catholic Church
4625 Springfield Avenue
Philadelphia, PA
St. Francis de Sales Schola Cantorium
Dr. Peter LaManna, Director    More info
Robert Russell, Organist

missing   Prelude: Bells
 Track 1 (3.35)   Organ Prelude: Swiss Noel with Variations, Louis-Claude Daquin
 Track 2 (2.26)   Processional: Adeste Fideles, Trad. Arr. Clokey    More info
 Track 3 (5.27)   Organ Interlude: Benedictus, Max Reger (1873-1916)

 Track 4 (2.14)   Carol: Come, O Come Emmanuel, Trad. Latin—arr. Shaw-Parker    More info
 Track 5 (1.10)   Carol: Als Ich Bei Meinen Schafen Wacht, Trad. German—arr. LaManna
 “While I Watched By My Sheep The Angel Brought Me a Message ...”
 Track 6 (1.27)   Carol: Bendito, Trad. Spanish, arr. LaManna
 Track 7 (3.04)   Carol: Ninna Nanna (Christmas Lullaby), Italian, Somma
 Track 8 (0.54)   Carol: Il est Ne Le Devin Enfant, Trad. French—arr. LaManna

 Track 9 (2.10)   Motet: Ave Maria, Tomas Luis de Victoria (c. 1535-1611)
 Track 10 (3.33) Motet: O Magnum Mysterium, T. L. de Victoria    More info
 Track 11 (2.46) Motet: Dies Sanctificatus, G. P. da Palestrina (1525-1594)    More info

 Track 12 (3.06) Mass: Introit: Dominus Dixit ad Me, Gregorian Chant Mode II
 Track 13 (2.00) Mass: Kyrie: from Messa Jubilaei by Domenico Bartolucci (1917-2013)
 Track 14 (4.42) Mass: Gloria: from Messa Jubilaei
 Track 15 (2.51) Mass: Credo (part 1): from Messa Jubilaei
 Track 16 (4.07) Mass: Credo (part 2): from Messa Jubilaei
 Track 17 (1.12) Mass: Sanctus: from Messa Jubilaei
 Track 18 (2.34) Mass: Benedictus: from Messa Jubilaei
 Track 19 (2.06) Mass: Angus Dei: from Messa Jubilaei
 Track 20 (0.46) Mass: Communion Verse: In Splendoribus, Gregorian Chant Mode VI
 Track 21 (2.12) Mass: Jubilate Deo, A. J. Donner

 Track 22 (2.19) Benediction: Sicut Cervus, G. P. da Palestrina
 Track 23 (2.14) Benediction: Tantum Ergo, Gregorian Chant (Pange Lingua)    More info
 Track 24 (0.49) Benediction: Prayers
 Track 25 (1.24) Benediction: Adoremus and Laudate, Gregorian Psalm Tone VIII    More info

 Track 26 (3.41) Hallelujah Chorus (Messiah), G. F. Handel (1685-1759)    More info
 Track 27 (3.47) Organ Postlude: Acclaimations, Jean Langlais

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Technical information:
Recorded by Robert Russell
1/4 inch reel-to-reel tape, 4 tracks, 7.5 in/s Stereo, tape #1
Ampex 1260, 2 Electro Voice 664 mikes
Digital conversion by Audio of Santa Rosa CA