St Ludwig's Church (1891-1975)

    Since 1891, St. Ludwig's, at 28th and Master Streets in Brewerytown, a neighborhood in North Philadelphia, had been the center of life for thousands of families, most of them German-American, who lived in the surrounding neighborhood.
    There is a touch of the old country about the church, with its beautiful stained-glass windows, brought over from Innsbruck at the turn of the century. Until about 1958, sermons were given in German, and at one time German was spoken in the school.
    In 1975, attendance had declined to only 55 families, to the point where the Diocese had to close the Church.

Other photos from 1941:
    The Church
    The Rectory
    The Convent
    Interior of Upper Church
    Interior of Lower Church
    The Old Church and Present School

1959 Photo of Rev.Joseph L. Koenig's funeral at St Ludwig's

16 June 1978 Newspaper clipping on last mass (15 June 1978) at the Church before the closing of the Church and School.
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