London Monuments & Statues

Statues at Bush House
southern end of Kingsway

Statues at Somerset House
near Waterloo bridge

Statue of George III & Neptune
Somerset House, near Waterloo bridge

Statute of Gladstone

Monument to Colin Campbell
Waterloo Place

Havelock Statue
Trafalgar Square

Nelson's Ship in a Bottle
Trafalgar Square

Nelson's Column
Trafalgar Square

Statue of George Washington
National Gallery

Statue of Queen Anne
St. Paul's Cathedral

Monument to General Abercrombie
St. Paul's Cathedral

Statue of Saint Paul
St. Paul's Cathedral

The Monument
Pudding Lane

Cannon at Tower of London
Tower of London

Statue of Oliver Cromwell
Westminster Palace

St. James Park Fountain
St. James Park

Russell Square fountain
Russell Square

Monument to Francis Russell
Russell Square

Lord Dowding statue
The Strand

Statue of Sir Arthur Harris
The Strand

Statue of Wellington
Apsley House

The Canada Memorial
Green Park

Wellington Arch
Hyde Park

Australian war memorial
Hyde Park

Royal Artillery Memorial
Hyde Park

Machine Gun Corps Memorial
Hyde Park

The New Zealand War Memorial
Hyde Park

Grand Entrance to Hyde Park
Hyde Park

Queen Mother Gates
Hyde Park

Wellington Monument, Achilles Statue
Hyde Park

Isaac Newton statue
British Library at Euston Road

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