Barns Ness Lighthouse

Barns Ness Lighthouse near Dunbar, Scotland.

Barns Ness Lighthouse is located 5 km from Dunbar and was constructed by engineer David A. Stevenson between 1899-1901. Taking approximately 2.5 years to construct, it was illuminated in October 1901 and was constructed from stone quarried from Craigree (near Cramond) and Barnton.

The stone proved resilient during the second world war, where the lighthouse was machine-gunned, yet sustained no damage.

The lighthouse had been manned by two lighthouse-keepers; however, in 1966 it was electrified, with a backup generator and emergency battery (used if the generator failed). It remained semi-automated, requiring only a single keeper, until 1986, when it was completely automated.

It was deactivated in October, 2005.

Photo 880, May 2010