Heian Shrine

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Heian Shrine

Heian Shrine was built in 1895 on the occasion of the 1,100th anniversary of the Heian Capital foundation. It is dedicated to the first and last emperors that reigned from Kyoto, Emperor Kammu and Emperor Komei.

The shrine buildings are a partial replica of the Imperial Palace of the Heian Period. There is a nice garden behind the shrine which features many weeping cherry trees. An entrance fee applies to the garden only.

Heian Shrine can be reached by bus number 5 or 100 from Kyoto Station. A more reliable (and probably faster) alternative is by subway to Higashiyama Station on the Tozai Line (requires a transfer at Karasuma Oike Station from the Karasuma Line) followed by a 10 minute walk to the shrine.

Photo 98, 1987

Heian Shrine

Photo 99, 1987

Heian Shrine

Photo 42, 1987

Heian Shrine

Photo 43, 1987

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