Clipper City of Baltimore

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Clipper City of Baltimore

The first small ships seen in Baltimore's harbor at its founding in 1729 were tobacco ships loading locally grown tobacco bound for England. When they returned, they brought indentured servants and manufactured goods not readily available in the colonies. After the Revolution, Baltimore merchants developed a flourishing trade in flour and grain with the West Indies and South America. This trade was carried out in fast Clipper schooners, first designed in the Chesapeake Bay, that made Baltimore's name known worldwide.

During the 19th century, sailing ships grew ever larger. In 1849, Baltimore sent beautiful Clipper ships to the California gold fields. Large coasting schooners carried coal and lumber from one east coast port to another. Clipper City is a replica of one of the "Tall Ships" that carried lumber from 1854 to 1892.

Photo 79, July 2004

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