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The Saxon family of Man (Mann) was of importance in Kent from before the Conquest. Their first seat was in the parish of Bredgar, half way between the cities of Rochester and Canterbury, where they gave their name to their estate, which is still known as Mann's Manor. They subsequently became possessed of the Manors of Sweet-Arden, Bonnington, Aldrington, and others in the same county. From the reign of Henry III, they held the Aldermanry of the West-Gate, Canterbury, by Grand Serjeanty, being obliged to furnish five knights for its defence. From this tenure they doubtless derived their crest, of a Castle or, with five spears issuing from the battlements proper

The known ancestry of the Mann family can be traced back to Saloman Le Man (aka Lyman) (0), born between 1404-14271457 in Mann's Manor, Bredgar, Kent, England (or Beawisberg, Kent). His wife is unknown. His known children are Robert(1452-1465), William(1454-1457) and John Leman(1456) all born in Beawisberg, Kent.

His son, John Man (1), born 1457 in Broad Oaks, Kent, England. He married the Johanna of Cornwall Trethewey, 1479. She was born about 1460 in Southampton, England.

His son, James Man (2) was born about 1487 in Broad Oaks, Kent, England. He married Dorothy Vidal, Broad Oaks, Kent, at about 1515 and died in Kent in May 1528. Born in the Reign of King Henry VII (1485-1509), his life was spent in the Reign of King Henry VIII.

Sir John Man (3), son of James and Dorothy was born about 1517 in Broad Oaks, Kent. He married Eleanor Hunt in 1540 in Kent, and died in Kent 1568 to 1578. They had six children: William born 1547, Joan (1550 – 1616), Ann born 1552, Catherine born 1551, George, born about 1575, Christopher born about 1557.

Broad Oak is now a town about 3 miles northeast of Canterbury, Kent, about 3 miles from the ocean. Some of the buildings in Broad Oak are very old — for example, Mead Manor is 14th century. Broad Oak Chapel, built in 1867, is a Chapel of the Countess of Huntingdon. There are two pubs in the village, The Royal Oak and The Golden Lion.

* * *

Sir William Man (4), son of John and Eleanor was born 1547 in Hutton Bradock, Kent. He married Frances Blaverhasset 1575 in Norfolk, England, and died in Caernarvonshire, Wales, England. They had two known children, Charles born 1581, and George, born 1575. William died in 1615.

This mural (on the right) was erected by Frances Blaverhasset (4) as a monument to her husband, William Mann, after his death. It depicts the husband and wife kneeling before a desk, as well as the Mann coat of arms: a chevron ermines, between three lions rampant, sable. This tablet was placed on the north side of St. Mary Bredin Church, Canterbury, England. However the church was destroyed during the bombing of WWII in 1942. She died in 1600.

Sir Charles Man (5), son of William and Frances was born 1577 in Hutton, Kent. His first wife was Afra Parker, married in 1605 in Hatton, Braddock, Kent. They had four children: Christopher, Francis, Joyce, and William according to the Mann Memorial. Another source lists William as the youngest of eleven children. Sir Charles' second wife was Mary Morris, daughter of Thomas Morris, widow of Goldwell Rogers. They had no children. He was knighted June 1625 by Charles I, and died Feb 1667, Kent.

Afra Parker (5), was the daughter of John Parker of Westcourt, in the parish of Libertsweil, Kent. She was the sister and heir of James Parker of Crayford, Gent.

* * *

William Man (6), son of Sir Charles and Afra was born 1607 in Kent. His first wife was Mary Jarred, married in 1643, With one known son, Samuel Mann, born 1647. He emigrated to Cambridge MA at about 1630-40 and was one of the earliest settlers there. Probably Mary emigrated after William. One source: He married (first) in 1643, Mary Jarrad, who came from England. His second wife was Alice Teel in 1657 in Cambridge MA. He died 1662 in Cambridge MA.

From Berry's Pedigree of Families compiled by Alrick Man: An extract from the journal of his son, Rev. Samuel Man, says: "My father William Man was born in the other England In the county of Kent (In what town I cannot learn) about ye yeare of Lord 1607 being ye youngest of eleven children of what age he as And in what year he came Into the land & In what Year I cannot learn, only this much he was one of ye first comers into ye Colony of ye Massachusetts."

The site for what would become Cambridge MA was chosen in December 1630, because it was located safely upriver from Boston Harbor, which made it easily defensible from attacks by enemy ships. The first houses were built in the spring of 1631.

Mary Jarred (6), born in England, married William Man in Cambridge MA in 1643. They had one known child, Samuel Man, born 1647.

* * *

Reverend Samuel Man (7), son of William and Mary was born 1647 in Cambridge MA. He graduated from Harvard College in 1665, and married Esther Ware (7) 1673 in Dedham MA.

Genealogical and Family History of the State of Connecticut, Vol. I-IV.
Rev. Samuel Mann, son of William Mann, was born at Cambridge, July 6, 1647. He was graduated from Harvard College in 1665, and began to teach school May 13, 1667, at Dedham, Massachusetts. He taught for five years and preached to the small society in that part of Dedham, now Wrentham, until March 30, 1676, when the people fled from the town on account of Indian hostility during King Philip's war. He was again in Dedham as a teacher in 1676, and 1678. In the fall of 1677 the town of Dedham voted to invite him to become their minister for the winter, and early the following spring he was engaged to preach at Milton, but returned to Dedham in the summer of 1680. Here he continued his ministerial labors until a church of ten members was gathered, and April 13, 1693, he was ordained and preached his own ordination sermon. On October 26, 1699, "In dead of night" his dwelling house with the church records were burned. It is said his mind was afflicted with infirmities and for twenty-five years before his death he did not go out of his own town. One of the first men of the province said that "he was not only very good but a very learned man." He wrote work containing advice to his children, who were soon to enter the married state. "His ordinary sermons were fit for the press," and "yet such was his humility that he thought nothing of his worth publishing." He was beloved by his people. His last sermon was from the text, "I have seen all the works that are done under the sun, and behold all is vanity and vexation of spirit." He died at Wrentham, May 22, 1719. He married, May 19, 1673, Esther Ware, born September 28, 1655, died September 3, 1734, daughter of Robert and Margaret (Hunting) Ware.
Children, born in Wrentham and Milton:
    1. Mary, April 7, 1674.
    2. Samuel, August 8, 1675.
    3. Nathaniel, 1677 (about) in Milton MA
    4. William, May 1, 1679.
    5. Theodore, February 8, 1680.
    6. Thomas, October 24, 1682.
    7. Hannah, January 12, 1685.
    8. Beriah, March 30, 1687.
    9. Pelatiah, April 2, 1689.
    10. Margaret, December 21, 1691.
    11. Esther, June 26, 1696.

* * *

Nathaniel Man (8), son of Samuel and Esther was born 1677 in Milton MA. He married Elizabeth George (8) in 1704. They had ten children, all probably born in Wrentham MA. He made a will 1754 and mentioned his wife and all of his children except Timothy.

Another son, Thomas Man (8), was the great-grandfather of the famous Horace Mann. The decent is: Thomas mann married Hannah Aldis in 1709 and they had 8 children, one of whom was Nathan Mann born 1716 in Wrentham. He married Esther and they had six children, one of whom was Thomas Mann, born 1756. He married Rebecca Stanley 1786 and they had five children, one of whom was Horace Mann (11), born in 1796 Franklin MA.

Horace Mann was an American education reformer. As a politician, he served in the Massachusetts State Legislature (1827–37). In 1848, after serving as Secretary of the Massachusetts State Board of Education since its creation, he was elected to the United States House of Representatives.

* * *

Theodore Man (8), another son of Samuel and Esther was born 1680 in Wrentham MA. He married Abigal Hawes. He died in 1761 in Wrentham MA. His grandchild is Col. Timothy Mann (1745-1843). The Colonel rank is self assumed, as his highest rank in the revolutionary war was Captain, and he "resigned on account of trouble in the company" in 1779. He is aften confused with Timothy Mann born 1722 in Wrentham MA, even in some important histories.

* * *

Timothy Man (9), son of Nathaniel and Elizabeth was born 1722 in Wrentham MA. He married an Indian Girl in Dummerston VT in 1758. They had eight children, and he died in 1805 in Dummerston VT.

His marriage to an Indian girl comes from a third party report of a note seen in a family bible, stating just that, Timothy married an Indian girl. Note that his father left him out of his will, and the various sources mention his children but make no reference to a wife.

Genealogical and Family History of the State of Connecticut, Vol. I-IV.
Timothy, son of Nathaniel Mann, was born at Wrentham, May 3, 1722. He settled in Dummerston, Vermont. He also lived at Montgomery, Massachusetts, and in New Jersey. In 1790, Timothy was living at Dummerston, Vermont and had in his family 2 males over 16, 2 males under 16 and 1 female, while his son James had one son under 16 and 1 female, and his son Nathaniel had 1 female in his family, according to the first federal census. A Timothy Mann from Chesterfield, Massachusetts, presumably this one, (the opinion of the writer of the author of the Connecticut History) was a soldier in the revolution.
    1. Stephen, m. Oct. 1798, Naomi Perham.
    2. Nathaniel, m. Eunice Bennett.
    3. Darius, m. Lois Zwears & had Darius, Jr., 1795.
    4. Richard.
    5. Rachael.
    6. Rev. James, b. Montgomery, MA, Feb. 6, 1768, m. Anna Rogers, Sept. 3, 1789. Moved to Dover, VT. in 1813 and dies there Feb. 11, 1854.

* * *

Reverend James Mann (10), son of Timothy, was born 1768 in Montgomery MA. He married Anna Rogers in Dummerston VT in 1789. They had eight children, and he died in 1854.

Genealogical and Family History of the State of Connecticut, Vol. I-IV.
Rev. James Mann, son of Timothy Mann, was born at Montgomery, Massachusetts, February 6, 1768. He was not licensed, but often preached in the Baptist churches in the vicinity of his home for several years. He was called Elder Mann. He was. taxpayer in Dummerston, 1802. He moved to Dover, Vermont, in 1813 and died there February 11, 1854. He married September 3, 1789, 2140 at Dummerston, Anna Rogers, supposed to be a descendant of John Rogers, of revolutionary fame, born at Guilford, Vermont, died at Dover, March 6, 1844.
Children, born at Dummerston:
    1. James, July 13, 1790. died October 6, 1876. had Gilbert Hosea, September 28, 1838, resides at Zoar, Massachusetts.
    2. Abijah, May 3, 1792. died in Ohio.
    3. George, December 11, 1793. died in Sullivan, Ohio, Nevember 22, 1862.
    4. Betsey, August 28, 1796. died in Ohio.
    5. Sally, September 4, 1798.
    6. Hosea, 18 October 1801, lived in Dover VT.
    7. William Riley, December 16, 1806. Died in Dover, May 30, 1869.

* * *

George Mann (11), son of James and Anna, was born 1793 in Dummerston VT. He married Asenath Parmely in Wilmington VT in 1814. They had eight children, and he died in 1862.

* * *

Elliot E Mann (12), son of George and Asenath, was born 1823 in Ohio. He married Harriet A. Crosby in Ohio in 1854. They had two children, and he died in 1893. The children are Jamie E Mann (13), born in 1862 and Mabel H Mann, born in 1867.

Mabel H Mann (13), daughter of Elliot and Harriet, married William H Fullington (13), son of Lewis Fullington (12), born 1834 in PA, and Catharine Cook (12), born 1839.

William and Mabel had four children, one of which is Amy Corona Fullington (14) who was born 1899 in Ohio, married H Emery Pearce in 1920, Akron OH and died 1976 at the age of 78, Long Island, NY. They had two children, Emery in 1922 and Shirley in 1924. Shirley's history continues in the Gallivan Family History. H Emery died in 1977 at Long Island. He lived in Philadelphia, Manhattan, Akron OH, and Cleveland OH, and Long Island.

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